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Our aim is to produce top-tier handmade surfboards, thoughtfully personal, each one unique. Countercurrent Glassing offers this obsession with excellence to private labels both big and small. We also haven’t forgotten where we started, and so we are happy to take backyard/amateaur shapes, including assisting you in the finish shaping

We began on the frigid, fickle shores of New England in 2008, aspiring to lighten the surfboard’s footprint and enlighten consumers to their relationship with the products they use every day. We handshape each and every surfboard because we believe in being committed to the traditonal boardbuilding process. We hope that the passion we have for our craft is evident in the finished product and enhances your waveriding experience for years and countless sessions to come. 


Come visit us at the factory in Oceansid happy to answer any questions you have and learn more about what you’re dreaming of in your next board