counter current

Contract Fiberglassing

We’ve done our market research. It’s clear that there is a dire need for high quality, dependable, quick, and reasonably priced fiberglassing service. There are few glass shops that excel at both polyester and epoxy resin. We aim to be among the best with both resin systems. 

The same excellence that you expect from Green Lightning Surfboards is offered to private labels on a production level via Countercurrent Glassing. We are happy to provide reliable service to your company whether big or small

We love the entire process, and we are obsessed with each and every detail. Translucent and opaque colorwork (cut and neatly freelapped), multicolor abstracts, fabric inlays, resin panels and pinlines, glass-on fins, glass leash loops, clean vertilinear wetsands and top-shelf polishes. All of these are offered in non-toxic SuperSap(tm) epoxy or tradtional polyester resin. 100% waterproof, no pinholes, no fiberglass burn-throughs. Admittedly, we hold ourselves to ridiculously high standards. We're okay with it. 

Labels we've worked with: Ryan Lovelace Surfcraft, Jeff Hull Designs, Alva Surfcraft, Bing Surfboards, John Wegener, Deepest Reaches, Roger Hinds, Mick Mackie, Bomb Belly Boards, Stabler Paipos, Patterson Surboards, Wax Surf Company, Rainbow Surfboards, Teqoph Surfboards, Guru Shapes, Sakae Surfboards, Roam Surfboards, Affinita, Wroe Surf Designs, Flying Uke, Ocean Art by Wade Koniakowsky, Oath Surf UK, Grain Surboards, Shaper Studios

Do you shape your own boards in your garage, basement, or backyard? We'd be stoked to help you dress it up with an industrial quality glassjob!

Lead Times Summer 2016 Polyester 2-3 wks Epoxy 3-5 wks