green lightning 



My life is building surfboards. I spend most days and nights including weekends by myself in the facility, putting my energy and effort into each and every step of the construction process. above all, I am committed to the highest quality product possible. but, what does that really mean? It means a clean, balanced, properly foiled, handshaped piece of foam. It means epoxy fiberglass laminations that are pulled tight to the form, neither too wet nor dry, no puddles, few to no air bubbles. it means good prep and perfect hotcoats, leading to perfect sanded finishes with no fiberglass weave exposed or swirls from the sanding pad. completely waterproof. fins, fin boxes, and leash cups installed with precision to the degree. if the shape calls for it, a casted resin edge in the tail, razor sharp. I'm obsessed with every square inch. I strive for perfection so that when I inevitably fall short, the work is, at least, excellent. All of this is worth it when I get to create a unique piece of functional artwork for you so that you can have fun and dance with the ocean for years and sets to come. 

Green Lightning Surfboards are hand crafted start to finish by Michael Emery in Oceanside, California. We are motivated to build high quality boards because we are obsessed with the art and craft of surfing and surfboards. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Each board is uniquely custom fit to the rider. Quality is tracked and controlled at every step in-house to ensure excellence in the finished product. Check out our varied offering and if don’t see something you love contact us and we’ll work with you to create your dream board!